Sep. 18, 2018

The King Arthur

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A demystified take on the tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

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original title: King Arthur

genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,History,War

imdb: 7.2

duration: 2h 6min

tags: Rule Your Destiny

budget: $120,000,000

keywords: ancientrome, knight, freedom, britain, saxon, village, kingarthur, caligulacharacter, sirlancelotdulaccharacter, kingarthurcharacter, merlincharacter, sirgawaincharacter, queenguineverecharacter, engl

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Based on a more realistic portrayal of "Arthur" than has ever been presented onscreen. The film will focus on the history and politics of the period during which Arthur ruled -- when the Roman empire collapsed and skirmishes over power broke out in outlying countries -- as opposed to the mystical elements of the tale on which past Arthur films have focused. In 400 AD, the Roman Empire extends to Britain and the Romans become impressed with the fight skills of the warrior Sarmatian people, which are spared, but have to send their sons to serve Rome in the cavalry for fifteen years. Only after these services, these knights are free to return home. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table have their last mission before achieving their freedom. I don't know if it's very historical accurate or not. I'm not an expert so I won't say anything about that, just that I enjoyed this movie but for me it was missing a bit of something.

It's a new take on the tale of the legend of King Arthur but in a very different way we are used to, showing him on the Dark Ages. The story is quite simple and in fact nothing very important ends up happening, beside the main reason that is the invasion of the Saxons, but apart from that, that is one of the things I felt missing. I don't know, but I would have liked more story and more development of it.

Most of the actors were great, specially Keira Knightley in this bad-ass role, and also the Knights who were with Arthur were great, like the one who played Lancelot, Ioan Gruffud, and I specially like Madds Mikkelsen in the role of Tristan. But King Arthur (Clive Owen) had the same facial expression through all the movie and for me that is one of the main flaws, because if it's the main character you need to have someone who can make you feel emotions, and he didn't showed this up until the very end, and in that part it wasn't that good. I also felt that other great actors were underused like Stellan Skarsgard who was just walking around killing people and not so much more. And there are some characters that could have been better used like Merlin, who appeared no more than ten minutes and he could have bring some very good moments.

But the visuals are amazing. I really like this kind of final-epic-to- death battle and this in here is very well created, with very good sword fights and with some very epic and also emotional moments. To this, you have to add the epic score Hans Zimmer created, that is surely among his bests.

I recommend you this movie for having an entertaining time while watching it, and specially for the final battle. I will admit that the scenery was lovely. The perfectly falling snow on the mountaintop trees cast a serenity upon a great portion of the film, though none of the characters chose to wore hats or gloves, or for that matter, anything more than a single layer of clothing. The movie wasn't bad. Despite a garden variety of poor directing choices and some ghastly acting, it was actually quite tolerable. I enjoyed it if naught else for it's majesty and glorious triumph of good over evil; but the acting was just too doggone bad! You wanted to love Arthur for his soaring ideals but Clive Owen spoke in monotone 85% of his screen time. Ioan Gruffud, whose name no one can pronounce, was an adequate Lancelot, though nothing to write home about. His annunciation was, dare I say it, over the top! Even Keira Knightly, who usually manages to enrapture audiences due primarily to her beauty, didn't even appear until almost halfway through and was a dirty prisoner for awhile longer. Her acting was only mediocre.The battle sequences are good, but certainly not on the plane of Lord of the Rings, or even, Gladiator. The battle on the ice though, was original and intense. The scenery and costumes were certainly a plus but it would seem that the screen writer needs to review his Arthurian legends for the script bore no resemblance to previous Arthur stories I have read..... Luckily there is an element of broad, brawny camp that prevents King Arthur from being a complete drag. For the screenwriter , Arthur is a metaphor for American Vietnam GIs [...] The film's depiction of Rome's waning imperial influence, of its exploitative client-state relationship with Britain, of its maltreatment of its prisoners and its vulnerability to bands of Pictish insurgents, seems to parallel imperialist America's current situation.


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